High Performance Films

​If you are on a budget and need some heat protection with some privacy our HP films are right for you.

High Performance (HP) Charcoal is a professional quality metallized window film that provides heat rejection and aesthetic appeal. These attractive films are color and covered by a lifetime warranty. They are available in 5, 10, 20, 30, 40 and 50 percent visible light transmissions, providing choices for compliance with any state or local laws.

There are many different brands of window tint these days. For us the choice has always been simple. We have used Global Window Films for over a decade now. We can honestly say that Global produces a product that will always be free from defects and will outlast your car.

Insistence on quality combined with advanced technology has made the Global brand a leading choice throughout North America and the world. Global window films are in a class apart. Global films are manufactured in a state-of-the-art, ISO-9001:2000 certified facility that makes just about everything that goes into their window films, from the base petrochemical intermediate (DMT) right down to the finished products. This eliminates dependency on other manufacturers enabling complete control over the entire manufacturing process—from polymers to packaged goods. That’s important because it ensures high quality and ultimately, total consumer satisfaction.


Premium Window Films

​"QDP CERAMIC CHARCOAL" is a high performance automotive film which offers consumers the high end performance properties without usage of metalized film in product design. Ceramic Film installed on your car provides tremendous driving comfort. Ceramic construction has been used in a variety of products meant to address high heat gain, ranging from aerospace to architectural applications. Simply put, it’s a phenomenal technology.

Ceramic films are the best choice for the ultimate reduction of heat and Ultra Violet Rays.

Ceramic films absorb and reflect more total Solar Energy than any standard window film. 

Privacy with heat protection

Ultimate Heat Protection

Automotive Tint